Class Schedule and Center Information

Classroom Schedule

**Will change throughout the year as the children learn and master new skills**

Pre-K Daily Schedule

Mrs. Christie and Miss Betsy

7:00-8:00 Teacher Planning

8:00-8:05 Welcome

8:05-8:25  Morning Activities

8:25-8:30 Transition to Large Group/Story Time

8:30-8:50 Large Group/Story Time

8:50-9:00 Music and Movement Activities

9:00-9:05 Transition to Breakfast/Restroom Break

9:05-9:15 Breakfast

9:15-9:20 Clean-up and restroom break/Transition to outside time

9:20-10:20 Outdoor Time **

10:20-10:30 Line-up/restrooms/transition to small groups

10:30-10:50 Small Group Activities

10:50-11:55 Center Time

11:55-12:05 Clean-up centers/Transition to Phonological Awareness Activity

12:05-12:10 Phonological Awareness Activity

12:10-12:25 Wash Hands and Lunch

12:25-12:30 Clean-up and restroom break/Transition to Rest time

12:30-1:30 Rest Time

1:30-1:40 Transition to large group/Story Time

1:40-1:55 Large Group and Story Time

1:55-2:05 Music and Movement Activities

2:05-2:20 Snack

2:20-2:35 Review of Day and Pack for Dismissal

** Weather Permitting

Classroom Centers

* We have 8 centers in our classroom that your child can choose to experiment in during center time. Center time must be at least one hour of uninterrupted play. Children are allowed to choose which center they would like to play in as long as it is not full.

Our Centers

Art Center: The art center includes many items that the children can choose from to make their own artwork. They can fingerpaint, play with playdough, make collagues, watercolor paint, and many more activities. Some art work is displayed in the classroom, placed in their portfolios and some will be sent home.

Reading Center: This area is equipped with lots of comfy furniture and stuffed animals. There are many types of books that the children can enjoy. There is also a puppet stage filled with tons of puppets for the children to create or act out their favorite stories.

Writing Center/Computer Center: In this wonderful center your child will be experimenting with many of the tools that help with writing. Their are all types of writing utensils, items with their alphabet on it as well as their names. We have learning games, flash cards, and books for their manipulation.

Dramatic Play Center: A kitchen is set up in this center, tons of dress-up clothes and home living items. Throughout the year, their will be a theme for the center such as, flower shop, dentist office, gift wrapping center and many more. This is often a favorite center among the children.

Block Center: As you can tell this center is filled with all sorts of blocks. We have vehicles, dinosaurs, train tracks, and many more items for them to work on their building skills and imaginative play.

Math Center: This center is loaded with tons of fun items. Their are lots of skills to learn in this center such as fine motor, patterns, matching, counting, colors, shapes and many many more skills. This center will always be changing as they learn new skills throughout the year.

Listening Center: This is a small center that children can relax in, place the headphones on and listen to a story or their choice or children's music. Usually only 2-3 children are allowed in this center.

Music Center: We have many different cultural instruments in our collection. The children can choose any instrument during centers. They can make their own instruments or enhance the provided instruments.

Science Center: This is often a favorite center. We have fake animals of differents kinds for them to check out and learn about. Their are lots of nature items for them to manipulate and lots of science tools. We have a science table that different items are placed in every couple of weeks for the children to have fun with. The science center is also the home of our own guinea pig Patches. Patches has been a member of our family for three years now. The children will have opportunities to feed him, clean the cage, and learn about taking care of pets.

In our classroom we also have two places that we call "cozy corners." These are places that children can go to and have alone time. These spaces are reserved for one child to be in at a time and other children are to leave them be and allow them to have a little time to themselves.